“When we had to meet compliance with L & I regulations, and conduct employee respirator trainings,
we didn’t even know where to start. Karen was knowledgeable, efficient, upbeat and
just couldn’t have
been nicer. She made
it happen--and made
it easy. We plan to rely on her expertise to maintain our compliance down the road too.”

-Peter Proctor, GM
Jensen Motor Boat


Discover What Karen
Bowman & Associates Can do for You

Assist with Regulatory Compliance
• Industry
• Local
• State
• Federal
• Maritime

Design and Manage
Education & Training Programs

Accident Prevention
Chemical Hygiene
Communicable Diseases
Emergency Preparedness:   Disaster Planning & Bioterrorism
Ergonomics and Back Health
Hazardous Communication
Health & Safety in the Primate   Center
Hearing Conservation
Industry Specific Health &   Safety
Laboratory Safety
OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen
Respiratory Protection: (health   questionnaire clearance,
  fit-testing, training)
Safety at the Worksite
Tuberculosis Monitoring
Vaccinia Vaccination & Training
Worker’s Compensation &   Workers’ Rights

Perform Industrial Walkthroughs
Industry Specific Compliance   Audits
Risk Mapping
Hazard Identification and   Resolution

Provide Onsite Occupational Health Nursing Services
Biological Monitoring
Case Management
Employee Health, Wellness &   Injury Prevention in the Workplace
Health Screenings
Injury Care
Managed Medical Surveillance

Provide Counseling and Hypnotherapy Services
Stress & Pain Management
Smoking Cessation
Personal Development

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